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Heelo! theres a bigbig problem wif' my page. I get tooooooo many visits. 'Dere was a problem wif' the counter, but its fix'd now. I fhink pepol are visiting MYMYMY site looking for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But its not about a TV person, its about MEMEMEME!!
Do ya wanna heer me barkbark? Then just klick Heer We have a Sunruum! I really like it! there's a page about it, so those who are interested can.... Click Heer
You caan subscribe to the Buffy Chronicals!! And get freeee info about meee!
I love squeakytoys, who wouldn't?!
One of my favorite squeakytoy isa Baby penguin! You kin listen to her by.... klikin here And, you kin also hear Baby Penguin and her Mommy talkin! just click here!
I use a shampo caled "Neer N' Deer". I hatehate baths!
III eaat a foood called Tarter Diet.(Yummy!)

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