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One of my favorite Comp. Games is Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol & Mordor II: Darkness Awakining! Official Mordor 1&2 web page
I also play a game called Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars.
I have made many maps for the registered version of HOMM2.
Which, now is a seperate page (of course)
Terra Cyan
Shadow Setzer
Locke Gau
Some sites i've found and are the building block of my page, some may not exist, so if that's the case, then e-mail me.
Interplay -- Games Domain -- Educational Software Co-op -- MECC Software --
Discovery Channel -- A&E TV -- PBS -- The Weather Channel
COSI -- Franklin Science Museum -- Kennedy Space Center -- Alcatraz --
LEGO World -- Kids Web -- Kids on the web -- Yendorian Tales RPG -- Game Music -- Game-O-Rama * Game-o-rama is a whiteboard table of cells that any board game can played over the net.

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