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Pure Aqua Magic: The Gathering
* I have Leviathan 10/10 with Trample. Blue
* I have Crystal Rod - Gain one life for a sucsessfully cast blue spell. Blue
* I have Ivory Cup - """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" white """". White
* I have Iron Star - the same as above, but red. Red
* I have Throne of Bone - the same as above, but black. Black
Walls include (mine have a +next to): Wall of Fire+, Wall of Lava+, Wall of Stone+
Drift of the Dead+, Walking Wall+, Wall of Water+, Wall of Spears+,
Illusionary Wall+, Wall of Pine Needles+, Wall of Bone+, Wall of Vapors+,
Wall of Shields+, Wall of Air+, Wall of Wood, Wall of Brambles+,
Wall of Shadows+, Wall of Wonder, Carnavous Plant, Blistering Barrier+,Wall of Heat+, Cemetary
Gate+, Cinder Wall, Dark Maze+, Floodgate, Glacial Wall+, Mindbender Spores, Sunweb, Thunder
Wall, Tinder Wall, Volalian War Machine, Wall of Caltrops, Wall of Corpses+, Wall of Dust+,
Wall of Earth, Wall of Ice+, Wall of Kelp, Wall of Light, Wall of Opposition, Wall of Putrid
Flesh, Wall of Resistance+, Wall of Roots+, Wall of Swords+, Wall of Tombstones, Whip Vine
(That's all of the walls, as of Summer 1997)
* Let's see how much some people know about Magic.
* 1. What does Illusionary Wall do?
* 2. What is the MOST rare card of C.O.P s? (Finally, I got the card)
* 3. What does C.O.P stand for?
* And if you send in a correct response, I will send you
an E-Mail Congratulation Notice!!
* A note on the contest:
To enter, you must leave you WEB address + your name.
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