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Welcome to the Overkiller's Hideaway! This page is all about maps for games, or "scenarios" as they are called.

ok, The Oracle League is a great league for HOMM2 players, even I am a member there.
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars Maps:
Name: Description: Difficulty: Availability:
The Crusade A 5-part map series Very Hard Get It!
A'doun A really natural cheating one if your Blue Very Easy for Blue; Impossable for Green Get It!
Akendu Another slightly cheating one.... Slightly Hard Get It!
Tresspasser! Nice Touch. Think all the bugs in it are worked out Hard. Been tested and have beaten it. Get It!
Color Wars Each color represents a force. 6 players. Hasn't been tested. Lots of monsters and treasures. Get It!
T'nauri A small, 2-player map not been tested Get It!
Portals: The Acts A 4-part map series Not too hard Get It!
The World A map of Terra Firma as you know it (exept uglier) Six Players Combat over world domination! Coming Soon!
The Maze Four players go through a maze of trees to find their enemies and slay them. Tough Coming Soon!

Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty Maps
Name: Description: Difficulty: Availability:
The Square Square map for 5 players. Not been tested for difficulty, try it! Get It!
More Maps Coming Soon!

Blades of Exile Maps
Name: Description: Difficulty and size: Availability:
The Aklput War Buffy, empress of TFESD (The Friendly English Speaking Doggies) lives isolated in a tower. King Aklput has a mission for you. So does Buffy. Whose story shall you believe? Low (1-8 level); Small Coming Soon!
More maps coming soon for my page! Eventually, i'll run out of space on my ISP. So ill try to compress their size.

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